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Social media management

We manage innovative brand's social media

Every brand should have an active social media appearance. For most brands is imperative to have someone to manage the day-to-day tasks on the social media accounts.

We offer social media management services for any social media channel for some of the most innovative blockchain brands out there including Guild Saga, MonkeRejects and Harvest Finance.

"Creating content, responding to inquiries and everything in between takes time. Which not everyone has available to spend on multiple social media channels"

- Rick, Marketing Lead

Focus on other parts of your business while we take care of your social media

Managing multiple social media accounts is hard and time-consuming. While managing and working on expanding your brand managing social media can easily become overwhelming.

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Our Services
Full-Service Web3 Studio

Are you looking to start a web3 project but unsure where to start? Book a consultation session with Zaab Studio and discover the underlying techniques of the market and become confident in building your initial product. The consultation session takes place on Google Meet or Discord and can be from 1 to 3 hours long, additional sessions can be booked indivually.

After the session has concluded you will receive a document summarizing the keypoints of your project and clear steps you can take in order to succeed with any future plans.

LUCA Luxuries

Content publishing on AMBCrypto, web design and development of an NFT SWAP application where users can swap their regular card for rarer cards.

Hockey Heroes

Full-service comprehensive management, including website development, branding, and online strategy combined with viral Twitter campaigns.

Kind Koalas

Full-service project management including development, online strategy and marketing resulting in over 7k total growth in followers.

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